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This blog is going to be full of the most obvious wedding ideas ever! Especially to wedding photographers and videographers, but this isn’t aimed at them. This is a guide for brides & Grooms to help them to help us achieve jaw dropping footage and photos.

Wedding ideas Tip 1.

When choosing your make up artist for the day, ask if she/he uses a ring light. Why? because natural light is what we want. I am no MUA and I don’t profess to be so. What I am is Film maker and for me natural light is the dogs danglies! It always surprises me why MUA’s use ring lights. You won’t spend all your wedding day under an artificial light, this isn’t a true representation of how you look. You will however spend the day bathed in natural light. So why don’t they use it? So my tip is pick someone who uses natural light, position your chair in a beautiful window and everyone benefits.

Wedding ideas Tip2.

Readings! I have already written a blog about this so I won’t go into too much detail. If you’re planning to have readings in the ceremony, think outside the box. Don’t just hit the internet and use the top 10 wedding readings. I can guarantee 80% of the people in the ceremony have heard it a thousand times and more importantly it isn’t personal to you. Try use lyrics from your favourite song, poem or even better write something yourself.

Wedding ideas Tip 3.

Vows. Along the same lines as the readings. I know its so much easier to just run with the generic vows and that you feel a little embarrassed about saying all those lovey dovey things to your partner in front of everyone. Believe me afterwards you will regret it.

Its one of the best days of your lives, why just be like everyone else. You are stood in front of the person you love and you are spending the rest of your lives together. Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Tell your family, your friends , hell tell the world!! It’s 2 mins that will mean everything to the both of you and a memory you will treasure for ever.

Wedding ideas Tip 4.

Confetti. A silly one I know, but highly over looked. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have been to where the couple have scrimped on the confetti. It looks terrible for video and photos . The more the better !

Wedding ideas Tip 5.

First Dance. Now, I know there are thousands of Ed Sheeran fans out there and I am not here to criticise him. What I am here to say is “For the love of god, please don’t pick his songs for your first dance”. Its been done to death! Not just Ed. Things like Cristina perry’s “Thousand years” or John Legends “All of me”. They have been played countless times at weddings over the country/ world. I am sure between the two of you, you have a special band or artist you love. Look at their back catalogue and listen to all their songs and choose something different.

The common theme in all the tips I have given is “Be different.” Been different isn’t hard it just takes a little thought and the results and overall outcome of your day will be perfect.

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