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Dina & Joe

So you have made the decision. You have looked at hundreds of destination weddings. This is what you want.

How do you go about choosing someone to film your day? Do you go with the venues in house supplier? Do you hit google and see who has filmed there before, or even choose a random videographer you like and choose them?

Last year 50% of my bookings were destination weddings. The year before 60%. I consider myself to be a seasoned destination wedding videographer. Why should you choose someone like me and not the guy who’s desperate to shoot that holly grail (the destination Wedding) for cost. It boils down to experience. Shooting destination weddings are not easy. Take last year for instance I shot a wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Its stunning but it’s also a bloody nightmare to get around. Especially when the Bridal preps were in one location then the ceremony was in another. Finally to top it all off, the reception was at the other end of town. This has happened to me countless times and I’m now use to it. When Approaching every wedding I make the best plan I can. I research the venue, the church, the route too and from each location. I make sure there is parking if I have a hire car. If I can’t I make sure I have alternative transport in place before I arrive. Its all these things I have learnt over the years that makes choosing someone like me the best option.

My First Destination Wedding.

So what about the first destination wedding I ever did. Was I that guy who was ready to discount to get that dream destination wedding? The answer to that, I can honestly say is no. Why? because I filmed at the same place I got married myself. It was in Italy and I already knew the area. Which airport was best to fly into, car hire, hotels, even the whole wedding day, I had experience in it all. Sure I was still nervous but I had taken all the stress of the unknowns out of the equation. I wasn’t prepared to discount either. Fellow film makers always say to me. “I’ve had an enquiry for a destination wedding The day was a dream and that was it, I was on the start of my destination wedding journey.