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Don’t over look the Wedding video

I get lots of enquires from Wedding clients wanting a Wedding video. All asking what the costs are and that their budget is limited.

As most good filmmakers (because that’s what we are) will tell you, the biggest hurdle we face is the battle of the cost. Most people appreciate that to get a good photographer, you will pay a premium. Although when it comes to the video a lot of people truly undervalue it. Take for instance my latest Wedding video. The highlights alone have taken over 56hrs of work and that’s for a 5min film. (See link below) Why? because I put my heart and soul into every clip . Making sure the cuts are just right, that the colour is matched perfectly and that the music is timed to perfection. I want every video to be right. I want to love it just as much as my couple will.

Even though a lot of people think it’s just about filming a load of clips, stitching them together, and banging a romantic song over it. It’s not! It’s about telling the story, it’s about pulling you in, to make you feel like you are reliving the best day of your life over and over again.

I work hard at what I do and if I could offer couples any advice it would be this. Please don’t overlook the video guy . It’s the best investment you will ever make (even more than the Wedding Photographer) a bold statement I know. Just ask any of my couples, I’m sure they will agree. Just remember long after the Wedding cake has been eaten and flowers have died, your Wedding video will still be there for a life time.