Covid & Weddings.

2020 was a really hard year for everyone in the UK and the world. The Corona virus swept the globe effecting lives and livelihoods. Weddings were particularly hard hit with 99% of the industry grinding to a halt, when the lockdown came. Wedding Videographers, Photographers, Wedding planners, the list goes on. Had no work and no money. Times became hard very quickly.

Then, inevitably came the postponements and even worse the cancellations. Working hard, every day with our couples to reschedule their weddings. Making sure we did everything in our power to help. Even if this meant taking up our key dates in 2021 and 2022. Our couples were our no1 priority. We did all this while frantically trying to keep ourselves afloat.

Money was tight. We all tried to diverse. Door step photography, funerals, FaceTime portraits. Anything to pay the bills. Sometimes couples just couldn’t face the thought of rescheduling and just wanted to cancel. They wanted refunds. We had to find the money. Some were understanding, realising this pandemic was a terrible situation for us all. Others just wanted their money. There was no option we had to find it.

We plowed on perfecting our websites, Instagram and Facebook. Home schooled, looked after the home, took on second jobs and cried a lot. We took out Bounce back loans, used our savings, borrowed from family. Anything to survive. Some were lucky. Help from the government was a welcomed relief. Others not so. Left to fend for themselves. All this whilst trying to make sure our couples special day did just that, remain special.

We reassured our Bride and Grooms that weddings would return and their day would be just as perfect. Zoom calls, emails, messages anything to help them achieve the wedding they had dreamed about.

2021 Weddings

We are now in 2021. Weddings are still not with us. This will not waver our love for this industry. All of us will continue to support our couples, improve our businesses and love what we do. (and pay back our loans) All we ask is you support us and remember its been really hard for us too.