Lot’s of people say they are Destination Wedding Videographer’s

Who do you choose when picking a Destination Wedding Videographer? Is it someone who, all over their website say they have filmed many weddings abroad but have no examples to show you. Is it someone who’s filmed a friends wedding and uploaded it to their website and this is their only example. Or is it someone like me who currently has filmed over 30 weddings in Italy and Europe and New York.

Destination Wedding

Filming Destination Weddings is what I do and what I love.

My name is Dominic and myself and my wife, Jenny were married in Italy in 2009. It was at the beautiful Cathedral of Cortona, in the Tuscan Hills. We invited 50 of our close family and friends and it was perfect. The weather, the food and the day. It was something we will never forget.

This is where my passion for Italy and filming there came from. I contacted my Italian Wedding Planner and asked if he would recommend my videography services to his couples. I had 14 weddings in my first year! It was amazing and nerve racking too. Sure I had been married abroad but to work out there was a totally different thing.

Preparation and planning

So I flew out there for short break and checked out my location, chose the perfect spots for filming and met other suppliers. I was prepared. I’m always prepare. I know where the best airports are to fly into. The best car hire companies, Locations, everything. I leave nothing to chance. This is why, only now can I call myself a Destination Wedding Videographer. It’s because I have the experience.

If you look at any of my destination wedding videos, you will see they always tell a story. The couples story. It has to be as beautiful as the day itself. Each film has to be perfect and seamless.

I always arrive 2 days before each wedding . This gives me an opotunity to check out the area, meet the wedding planner and meet my clients. I never travel with lots of kit. I only have the equipment I need to capture creative, individual films. Whilst been as unobtrusive as possible. Blending in and capturing all those beautiful moments. I never forget to include the location or the finer details that make a destination wedding film stand out. I strive to make your video the best it possibly can be.

So please, when you are choosing who you want to film your destination wedding, check they have the experience and knowledge. Not only to film your day but to film it prepared and creatively.

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A bride stood at Villa Antichi Mura destination wedding