We specialise in creating Crossfit and Gym promotional videos for a range of clients all over the world. Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of a large number of businesses. Creating memorable promotional and high impact videos. From Spain to the UK we have created some of the most individual and memorable Crossfit videos around. Each video is unique with a high tempo, high quality look. Bouncing ball films are one of the leading companies in the UK for gym promotional videos. Just ask companies like Train Marbella one of the best trains camps in Spain. Working along side them for some time creating all their promotional videos.

 In a world where immediate impact is key. High quality promotional films will help your gym and business stand out from the rest. 

 Contact us to arrange a quotation and let us help you create the perfect tool to help get your business noticed.

Wakefield Crossfit Comp from Bouncing Ball Films on Vimeo.

Paul Bedfords road to the Crossfit Games
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