How many of you have tens, if not hundreds of short video clips of your loved ones on your phone?

Many of them have been forgotten about , first steps , birthdays ,family holidays the list is endless. These videos either get lost or left on old phones or  computers. Now is the chance to have all the best bits merged together into a short beautiful video, set to music, that you can keep and share with friends and family to watch over and over.

This is exactly what we have done for Kendra, she had lots of footage of her little boys first year and she wanted all the best bits putting together. Her exact brief was  ” I want to cry with happiness when I watch it” Mission accomplished !

This would make a fantastic birthday, mothers day, fathers day or Christmas gift for your family or friends.

Here is the link to the one we did for Kendra

The video will be supplied on a flash drive in Mp3 format , so you can share on Facebook or other social networks.

Contact us now and let us bring all your precious memories together.

Introductory price £65.